Changing your Life can be Fun & Easy with Feng Shui
 Feng Shui 
Water   Wood   Fire   Earth   Metal
A Unique Five Element Color System
*Water   *Wood   *Fire   *Earth   *Metal 
  A Unique Five Element Color System
Create personal and professional environments that give you pure pleasure
Feng (wind)
Shui  (water)

 Feng Shui
Fashion Feng Shui® and  Personal Style Consultation
Are areas of your life simply not working---Finances, Relationships, Health, Wardrobe? Make a few simple changes in your environment by using the ancient Chinese wisdom of  Feng Shui and your life makes a shift in a positive and profound way!

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of improving every aspect of your life by improving your environment according to the principles of harmony and energy flow. By following Feng Shui guidelines, you will start to see your environment from a totally new perspective. You will see how your home environment influences your job, your relationships, your health and every aspect of your daily experience! Also, your personal wardrobe has energetic qualities which are a major influence in helping you attract your desires.

There is now scientific evidence of what the ancient Chinese knew about energy which they call “Chi”. Everything in our universe is made up of energy and those energetic qualities greatly influence our personal environment (Ex.: home, office and our own personal energy-our wardrobe).  

What better way to move you forward in this world when you can feel better about yourself and have your environment support your goals and dreams!

Transform your home or office (environmental healing)

Organize your space for greater productivity
Simplify to create a more peaceful environment
Beautify your surroundings to feed your spirit

Transform your personal appearance (body, mind & spirit)

Dress your essence to express your authentic self
Dress with intention to manifest your desires
Dress your body type to flatter your figure
Color consultation to find your most flattering palette
“Fashion Feng Shui with Beverly strengthens your skills and increases your savvy in putting yourself together from head to toe in a way that is authentic and intentional.
Fashion Feng Shui is about learning to “wear who you are AND attract what you want!” Beverly’s sensitive communication style and warm presence makes for a phenomenal and powerful experience.”  Liz Plaster, “Hair on Fire” Coaching